A brand New Year… 12 new chapters… 365 new opportunities…

A brand new year…

The New Year can bring mixed emotions, some people can’t wait to see the back of one year because it’s been really tough and they hope the next year will be better.  While others may be sad to see a fantastic year end and may be unsure of what this next year will bring.

Regardless of how 2018 worked out for you bear in mind 2019 is a brand new year, 12 new chapters of your life to write and 365 new opportunities.  Grab every new opportunity that comes your way and embrace it.  Follow your dreams and give everything you’ve got.

Resolutions or goals…

Instead of making new years resolutions that you may not stick to for long, why not set yourself some goals to achieve in 2019.  Set yourself some really big goals that push you outside your comfort zone, goals that are a little bit scary but still achievable.  Break the big goals into small chunks so they are manageable and achievable.

A beautiful Christmas gift from my boys
A beautiful Christmas gift from my boys

You can make your goals much more achievable by setting SMART goals. S stands for specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for achievable, R stands for relevant and T stands for time-bound.

The more specific you make your goal the easier it is to focus on it and achieve it.  Your goal needs to be measurable so you know when you have achieved it.  Please make sure that your goal is achievable, huge goals are great, but totally unachievable goals will leave you feeling deflated and they are counterproductive.  Your goal also needs to be relevant to what you want to achieve or it will just be a distraction from what you really want in life.  Ensuring your goal is time bound makes it much more achievable e.g. I will achieve x by 25th May 2019 rather than I will achieve x.  Setting a date gives you a target to aim for and gives you urgency to get started.

2018 for Cheeky Little Prints…

2018 has been a fantastic and very busy year 😊

It’s been an absolute pleasure to help so many of you and create all of your extra special gifts and keepsakes.  Every piece of jewellery, every personalised stamp, every mug,
Christmas decoration and display plaque has it’s own special little story to tell. Each fingerprint, hand print, footprint, paw print, horse shoe, horse hoof and special message, all truly unique, no two are ever the same.

A lot of the beautiful keepsakes I have created this year have very sad stories, I know a lot of you have lost precious people and pets and it’s been a real struggle for you.  I have been honoured to create such important memories for you, that you can keep close to your hearts forever.


I am very excited for 2019, continuing to bring you high quality gifts and keepsakes, continued excellent, personalised customer service as well as some brand new gifts and keepsakes 😊  Just before Christmas I was asked to create a very special necklace with a horse’s hoof print and it turned out brilliantly so I will be looking to create some new samples of those very soon.  I will be looking to expand the range of hanging Christmas decorations in 2019 and I am always on the look out for more exciting gifts so if there is something you are looking for, please hit reply and I will see what I can create for you 🙂

2019 is going to be a very special year for Cheeky Little Prints as I set it up in April 2009, which means in a few months time Cheeky Little Prints will be 10 years old!!!!   I am planning to take Cheeky Little Prints from strength to strength throughout 2019 and way beyond 🙂

Capture your memories…

There are so many ways to capture memories, those magical memories that we all create on a daily basis.  So many memories that you can’t possibly remember them all so make sure you record and document some of the extra special memories you create in 2019.  Take photos, record videos, write letters and cards to family and friends telling them how much you love them (you can even sign them with a personalised hand/foot/paw print stamp!).  You could begin journaling, which is very popular now.  Personalised gifts such as mugs, water bottles and Christmas decorations are a fantastic way to capture your special memories.  Personalised with your little one’s unique hand/footprint or perhaps your pet’s unique paw print.  Your own special messages and dates that tell their own precious story.  Why not keep a part of your loved ones with you wherever you go by capturing their unique fingerprint, hand/footprint or even your pet’s unique paw print in stunning sterling silver jewellery.   You can find out more about all of the wonderful personalised gifts and keepsakes I can create for you here.

Keep an eye on the website and if you aren’t already, make sure you subscribe to my emails to be the first to know about special offers, new designs and read lovely customer stories.  I will be in touch soon,

Lisa x