A Note for Baby Noah…

Recently I was asked if I could create a personalised footprint stamp for baby Fern, who was sadly stillborn a few months ago.  I was able to do this for her mum and I was even able to create the stamp with Fern’s life size footprint, which as you can imagine was pretty small.  Fern’s mum Sarah was so pleased with it she even ordered a second one and she uses her stamp every day to stamp gift tags for personalised gifts she creates and sells in aid of Tommy’s The Baby Charity and The Butterfly Bereavement Suite.  Sarah has raised thousands of pounds already, check her out on Instagram @forever_fern14.

Since creating Fern’s beautiful stamp and Sarah posting a photo of it on Instagram, I have been asked to create more stamps like this by mums and dads who have also experienced the unimaginable trauma of loosing a baby :'(  It always really frightens me just how many parents go through this.

Real community spirit…

Even though I have been creating these extra special stamps under very sad circumstances, I am honoured to be able to help these parents have a beautiful keepsake and be able to continue making memories with their baby.  I follow quite a few parents who have lost their baby on Instagram now and their posts are so touching and supportive of one another.  I can’t even begin to imagine the horrendous pain they are in, and how they manage to cope from one day to the next is quite frankly a miracle.

The Stocking Project…

A note for an angel baby
A note for baby Noah x

Kirsty Aris, lost her baby, Noah, and she happened to post a photo on Instagram recently that she saw on another mums Instagram page @arlos_wish.  The photo talked about The Stocking Project where people can send a little note to angel babies like Noah that can be placed in a special stocking and parents can read the notes on Christmas day to help include them in the day.  I thought this was a truly wonderful idea so I offered to send baby Noah a little note, which I have just finished writing now and it will be posted to his mummy in the morning.  It’s tiny things like this that make such a big impact.  I sat and thought for a little while what I would like to write, then I found a nice little Christmas card and put pen to paper.  This little card took me a little bit of time to write and I know it will make a big difference to Noah’s mummy and daddy on Christmas day.

Help a friend…

Unfortunately loosing a baby is so very common, I am sure we all know someone who has lost a baby or babies.  Perhaps when you are writing your Christmas cards ask your friends if they would like you to write a little note to their baby who watches over them from Heaven.  You could even surprise them with a note but only do that if you know them really well and you know they would be ok with that.

Christmas can be a very happy but also sad and difficult time for many people, for many different reasons.   If you have lost a baby and are struggling, please talk to your friends and find other parents who are going through similar, everyone I have come across on Instagram have been so incredibly supportive.  There are a lot of very caring people out there.  We all need someone to lean on from time to time, particularly when times are tough and emotions are running high.

I am going to try to mention the other babies I have created stamps for as well, I really hope I don’t miss anybody out, I promise it’s not intentional.  If I have managed to miss you, please get in touch and I will amend this 🙂

Fern, Arlo, Zain, Elodie, Samuel, Henry, Mia, Henry, Lewis, Finley, baby Spindley, baby Willmor, Layla, Wilber, Anastasia, Rae and Freddie.


If you would like a little note sent to your baby as well, please get in touch and I will do my best xxxx

Help support Baby Ava’s Charity…

You may already be aware but in case you aren’t.  I support a Charity called Baby Ava’s Support Foundation, set up by Richard Atkinson who sadly lost his beautiful baby girl Ava.  Richard’s Charity create beautiful memory boxes for parents to keep after they lose their baby.  I have written a lovely blog on this which I think you would be interested in, click here to read more about this fantastic Charity and how you can help them when you order silver hand and footprint jewellery from me as I make a donation to the Charity when the code “AVA01” is used in the personalisation box 🙂



A letter to heaven poem
A letter to heaven poem









2 thoughts on “A Note for Baby Noah…

  1. I really love this ♡
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write about our baby boy Noah. And for sending him a little card. The community on social media for baby loss parents is absolutely incredible and the kindness of strangers completely blows me away. I look forward to reading Noahs message on Christmas morning.

    Thank you again,
    Love from Kirsty, Noah’s mummy xxx

    1. You are very welcome Kirsty, I am pleased to be able to help in a small way. I totally agree the social media community is amazing, I’ve been blown away by it and it is so nice to see. We all need support so it’s great to see so much of it given 🙂 Sending you all lots of hugs. I am posting Noah’s message to you today so you will have it very soon. Speak to you soon, Lisa 🙂 x

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