Why choose Cheeky Little Prints?

Plenty of websites now offer silver personalised jewellery. So how do you know Cheeky Little Prints are the right business to capture your special memory?

Here are some reasons:

  • Cheeky Little Prints is not a big anonymous franchise. It is a small business, built from the ground up by me (Lisa Berry). That means that I take charge of all the processes, from start to finish and I am personally invested in the items you order and receive.
  • I now have eight and a half years’ experience in crafting the jewellery, and have created a large variety of pieces. The jewellery I create is high quality, and because I carry out the work myself, it’s always consistent.
  • Though Cheeky Little Prints is a business, it’s also a labour of love. As a mum of two beautiful boys, I also want to capture those special memories. I wear my boys’ handprints – made using the same process I offer my customers – on my necklace everyday. I’m also an animal lover and understand the special bond we have with our pets. Tiger, my gorgeous tabby cat, is also with me wherever I go – I have captured her paw print in silver and added it to my bangle!
  • With my degree in Veterinary Nursing Science and practical training as a Veterinary Nurse, I know that capturing  your pet’s prints needs to be a quick, simple process.  Therefore, my print taking kits are designed to be very easy to use.  The same applies with children: again the kits are straightforward to use, so your little ones won’t be distressed.  There are occasions when it can be more challenging to get a paw print but there are ways around this and I am more than happy to help you get that purrrfect paw print!

With all that said, I think the best reason to use Cheeky Little Prints is simply that people love the jewellery. The business has grown on word-of-mouth recommendations. My customers see beautiful, unique pieces and want to know where they came from. As the word spreads, the business goes from strength to strength. Please have a read through the testimonials from my customers and see how over the moon they are with the jewellery I have created for them.