Personalised Memorial Jewellery

Losing someone close to us is always a very challenging time and we all find comfort in different ways.  Cheeky Little Prints have been creating memorial jewellery since 2010.  I am able to capture your loved one’s fingerprint, handprint or footprint — or even a signature or doodle — in beautiful timeless silver.  If you have lost a dearly loved pet, I can offer memorial paw print jewellery.

Over the last few years we have worked with several funeral directors across Berkshire and Wiltshire including Camp Hopson and Turner Brothers Funeral Directors in Newbury as well as The Co-operative Funeral Care in Cirencester, Earley and Swindon.

Cheeky Little Prints also work with veterinary hospitals and practices including Drove Veterinary Hospital, Eastcott Veterinary Hospital and Purton Veterinary Practice in Swindon.  You can find jewellery samples, information and paw print kits at these vets.  Clients that have to sadly say goodbye to their pet can request paw prints be taken so they have the option of having pet print jewellery created.  If your pet is looked after by another veterinary practice, just get in touch and we will send you a Paw Print Kit to take your pet’s unique paw prints.  Once you have the paw prints, either hand deliver them to us or we can collect from the vets. Alternatively you can scan and email the prints to us. We advise against posting in case they are lost in transit.

Fingerprint impressions are taken into a moulding putty and that mould is then used to transfer the fingerprint impression to the silver.  Fingerprint detail is completely dependent on the individual.  However detailed the print though, the impression made in the silver will be as unique as the person who made it.  A hand/footprint can be taken using an inkless wipe kit and the print can then be used to make silver jewellery.

We understand this is a very difficult time and you may not know what jewellery pieces you would like created, but that is not a problem.  Once fingerprint impression moulds or hand/footprints or paw prints have been taken they can be kept and used to make jewellery whenever you would like, you do not have to make any decisions now.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

If your loved one is being cared for by another Funeral Director and you would like your loved ones prints to be taken so you have the option of having Memorial Jewellery created at a later date please contact us.

If you already have prints, for example hand/footprints from a baby you have sadly lost we can create a special keepsake for you using those prints.  You will not need to part with your precious prints you can simply scan and email them to us and then we can discuss what you would like created.  We have made a large number of very special pieces of jewellery for families of angel babies and are proud to be able to offer a small comfort at an exceptionally sad time.  We will do our very best to accommodate all of your wishes when designing your special jewellery.

If you would like to order and know what piece(s) of jewellery you would like created please contact us and we will take care of everything for you.