This breaks my heart :'(

Taking a paw print

Part of the family I want to talk to you today about something that is happening more and more at the moment.  I keep seeing lots of Facebook posts from pet owners who are incredibly upset because their pet is really poorly or they have had to have them put to sleep :'(  This can… read more

Do you have a soul mate?


Earlier this year I was asked to create an extra special Mother’s Day gift for a client, a very heartfelt gift that would mean the world to his Mum.  Adam had found me on social media and was intrigued to know more about the paw print jewellery I create.  We chatted and I explained how… read more

No regrets…

Small circle shaped silver fingerprint charm with name hand inscribed on the reverse.

A strong family bond… A good few years ago, I got chatting with a friend of mine, Carla who lived close by.  We chatted about our children growing up and how they grow so fast.  Carla knew I helped people capture their special memories by creating stunning silver jewellery showcasing fingerprints, hand and footprints.  Carla… read more

Capturing your special memories with friends…

Large coffee mug

I can’t believe it is June already, another 4 weeks and we will be half way through 2017!!!!!! Becoming a new Mum… Today I want to share with you Gillian’s story of when she fell in love with the idea of capturing her newborn Daughter’s tiny handprint in stunning silver to celebrate her 1st Mother’s… read more

The Story of Digger…

Digger the Patterdale Terrier

Meet Digger Digger is a gorgeous Patterdale Terrier who is so full of life and has a heartwarming story that I think a lot of you will relate to in one way or another.  From chatting to Lisa, Digger’s devoted owner, it is clear to see the limitless love she has for her dog and… read more

National Pet Month Giveaway!

Tiger and her paw prints.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes… If you didn’t already know, it is National Pet Month from 1st April until 1st May, which is fantastic as the UK are a nation of pet lovers.  Pets come in all shapes and sizes from tiny furry little hamsters to our huge canine friends like St Bernards… read more

The story of beautiful Roxy…


A treasured family pet… Back in July 2015 I had a call from a very upset pet owner.  Ali had just had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her Tibetan Terrier Roxy go to sleep under anaesthetic.  Ali and her family had shared the last 10 years of their lives making precious memories with… read more

Cheeky Little Prints goes Sterling!

Silver charm with raised paw print.

Fine silver… As some of you may know,  I started handcrafting silver keepsake jewellery in April 2009 (nearly 8 years ago).  I have really enjoyed creating all of your special keepsakes using a fantastic material called Art Clay Silver (ACS), which is a clay like material containing recycled silver particles, an organic binder and water…. read more

How to make your valentine feel incredible…

Valentine's Day Banner

Valentines day is fast approaching and I bet you haven’t even thought about a gift yet have you?  Well before the panic sets in fear not, Cheeky Little Prints are here to help you 🙂 Are you one of the lucky ones? Do you have a special person in your life?  If yes, believe me… read more

6 Tips and Tools to Supercharge your January!

  How has your 2017 been so far?  Maybe you are finding it hard to get motivated or perhaps you have nailed the last 2 weeks and are really pumped for the rest of January!  Life throws us all sorts of curve balls, there will always be amazing times and very dark tough times and… read more

Thank you for a great 2016… We can’t wait for an amazing 2017!


During 2016 we have really enjoyed creating further gifts and keepsakes for so many of our loyal clients as well as welcoming lots of new faces to Cheeky Little Prints. We have celebrated a great working relationship with Camp Hopson of Newbury for over 5 years as well as continuing to work with a number… read more

THANK YOU for helping make this happen!

Lisa winning Runner Up Business Mum 2016

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well, I can’t believe it is December already!!  I wanted to write a little blog to say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you! A few months ago I was nominated for an award, Business Mum of 2016.  It was an anonymous nomination… read more