Do you have a soul mate?

Earlier this year I was asked to create an extra special Mother’s Day gift for a client, a very heartfelt gift that would mean the world to his Mum.  Adam had found me on social media and was intrigued to know more about the paw print jewellery I create.  We chatted and I explained how to take a paw print and how I then capture it in stunning sterling silver jewellery.

The grief of loosing a pet…

Adam’s Mum is a huge dog lover and she used to have a gorgeous dog called Fitch, who was her soul mate after Adam’s Dad sadly passed away.  Liz and Fitch shared many happy years and created an extensive collection of memories together.  Adam said ‘Fitch passed in May 2016. It was a so sad, in many respects worse than losing a family member – the grief was horrible and continues to this day.’  I am sure many of you will relate to that, the grief you experience when loosing a pet is indescribable.

Dixie Rose

After some time, Liz decided she really missed having a dog and would like to give another dog a very loving home.  Dixie (Dixie Rose) is a King Charles Spaniel puppy and she is dearly loved by the whole family.  Adam decided he would love to capture Dixie’s unique paw print in sterling silver for his Mum as an extra special Mother’s Day gift.  I created a beautiful heart shaped charm with ‘Dixie x’ hand inscribed on front and this was attached to a sterling silver keyring.  Adam and his Sister Dizzy absolutely loved the keyring and could hardly contain their excitement when it arrived and they had a few days to wait before giving it to their Mum!

The wait was finally over…

Mother’s Day finally arrived and Liz was over the moon with her stunning keyring! 🙂  I spoke to Adam afterwards and he loved seeing his Mum smile so widely when she opened her keyring and realised it was actually Dixie’s own unique paw print in sterling silver that she could keep with her wherever she went.  Adam said…

Fitch never had a paw print, but Dixie does – and my Mother has it on her car keys so that every time she goes out she thinks of Dixie, but actually, also Fitch and that’s so powerful on an emotional level.

The actual cost of the paw print in sterling silver wasn’t cheap, but genuinely it’s incredibly valuable to us as a family, particularly my Mother on every level, a physical keepsake, an emotional reminder, and a spiritual charm.

Your pet won’t live forever, just like we won’t – but please, don’t let your pet pass without having a paw print made; people say often they have no regrets and that’s okay, but there are exceptions and this was one of them.

If only we had known about this gorgeous ‘product’ with Fitch (product sounds so clinical, it’s something words can’t describe), we would have had it in a heartbeat.

It was such a pleasure for me to create a paw print keyring for a puppy, so beautiful and full of life.  It is lovely to know that Liz can keep her keyring with her wherever she goes and create lots of memories with Dixie at the same time.   A large proportion of the paw print jewellery I create is for clients who have poorly pets or when their pets have sadly passed away.  I am truly honored to be chosen to create so many exceptionally special pieces of jewellery.  I also love creating silver paw print jewellery for clients under much happier circumstance, when owners can continue to create many more memories while wearing their special jewellery.

If you would like more information on how to capture your soul mate’s unique paw print in sterling silver jewellery pop over to the paw print jewellery page and get some inspiration for your own bespoke piece(s).  Everything I create is bespoke and unique and I am more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss design ideas.

Silver heart paw print keyring  Silver heart paw print keyring