Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you been trudging round the shops or trawling the internet looking for a Father’s Day gift for your dad, husband, grandad etc?   Looking for a gift that is a little bit different, something he will sit back and say “wow, that’s amazing”?  It can be a real challenge choosing a gift for someone else, organising what you think they will like and crossing your fingers you get it right!


Well I can save you the shoe leather and the square eyes you get from too much screen time!  I have come up with a few suggestions for fab Father’s Day gifts that you are going to love.  If you love personalised gifts, then you are bound to find something here for your wonderful dad and grandad.  There are even some suggestions that the little one’s can get involved with 🙂

Precious baby feet
Precious baby feet.


Little treats for dad and grandad…

  • First on the list has to be letting dad have a lie in!!   This is a pretty safe bet for most dads, especially if he has small children!
  • Breakfast in bed shouldn’t be over looked, it’s a great treat for dad and grandad.  Let the kids get involved with pouring cereal and arranging the toast on the plate, you could even add some of dad’s/grandad’s favourite pastries for a bigger treat!  It goes without saying that adults need to carry the tray, especially if there are hot drinks on there 🙂
  • Throughout the day take lots of lovely photos and then print them out and create a little story book of what you did on Father’s day.  This little idea will be a winner with both daddy and grandad!  Result!!
  • For dad’s and grandads who like a little thrill, a day trip to a theme or animal park is likely to tick all the boxes 🙂
  • Kids of all ages are able to make a surprise Father’s Day card and it has to be filled with copious amounts of glue and glitter – it’s the law!!!

Great value personalised gifts…

  • One of our most popular gifts is the personalised mug.  Such a versatile gift, suitable for pretty much every occasion.  Each mug can be personalised with your little one’s hand/footprint, your favourite photo and a special message in a wide range of colours.

    Personalised mug with hand and footprint
    Personalised mug with hand and footprint
  • These gorgeous mugs are dishwasher resistant for up to 800 washes at 45 degrees C so you know they will last well and stand the test of time.  Dads love to be able to take a bit of their children with them wherever they go.  Personalised mugs are an absolute steal at just £13.50, which even includes your inkless print kit!  Order one for Grandad too and get both for just £25 and only pay one lot of postage!!!



Personalised water bottle with hand/foot/paw print and photo
Personalised water bottle with hand/foot/paw print and photo




  • Now the warmer weather is on it’s way another great gift is a personalised water bottle, perfect to take to work or keep with you when out walking or running!  This versatile water bottle is made from bright white aluminium and has a 600ml capacity.  It comes with 2 different interchangeable lids; a sports top lid and a screw lid with caribiner clasp so you can hook the water bottle onto bags etc to carry it around with you effortlessly.  The soft padded bottom of the water bottle means the aluminium won’t ‘clunk’ down on work tops when you put it down. At just £16.50 plus postage personalised water bottles deliver a thoughtful gift and fantastic value.


That extra special WOW gift…

  • So if you are looking for that extra special WOW gift then it has to be sterling silver hand/footprint jewellery.  Choose from a range of designs; cufflinks, keyrings and dog tags all handcrafted to the highest standard with 10 years experience.
  • Cufflinks can be created in square, circle or cut out in the shape of your little one’s hand/foot prints.  Why not personalise your cufflinks with your little one’s name, date of birth or a short message on the back?  Each piece of jewellery is personalised by hand to the highest standard.


Silver circle hand and footprint cufflinks
Silver circle hand and footprint cufflinks


  • A sterling silver hand/footprint keyring allows you to keep a part of your little one’s with you wherever you go.  Available in a range of shapes, they are a real favourite with grandads!


Regular oval footprint keyring


  • For dads and grandads who like to wear a chain or leather cord, adding a sterling silver dog tag with their children/grandchildren’s unique hand and footprints really finishes it off.  There is room on the back for a lovely message.  The photo below shows a beautiful inscription for one lucky daddy who received this on a previous Father’s Day 🙂
    Large silver dog tag with hand and footprint on a silver ball chain
    Large silver dog tag with hand and footprint on a silver ball chain
    Inscription on the back of hand and footprint charm
    Inscription on the back of hand and footprint charm









Deadline for Father’s Day Orders…

If you have any questions or would like a chat about the different designs and options available please get in touch via email lisa@cheekylittleprints.co.uk or give us a call on 0779 2835 639.  We are always happy to help and ensure you choose the correct gift.

Father’s Day is Sunday 16th June this year and the deadline for orders is 6th June.  Any orders placed after 6th June will not be guaranteed to arrive in time for Father’s Day.  You must get your prints back to us by 7th June at the latest.