The gift of a memory, when memories really are everything…


Keepsake box for a baby girl
Keepsake box for a baby girl

I want to share with you a very special story that I am sure will resonate with many of you.  There are some shocking and exceptionally sad statistics out there and it is likely that either you or someone you know has been affected by this.

  • There are around 3600 still births in the UK every year.
  • 3025 infants under 1 year of age died in 2011.
  • This means that 6625 babies die every year.

Baby loss is still a taboo subject

It’s something that people shy away from talking about even though it affects so many people so deeply and it needs to be talked about.  A close friend of mine lost twins in 2014, it was devastating, and I have created very special silver jewellery for several parents who have tragically lost a baby.

I met Richard Atkinson through 4Networking last year and I, along with many other people were very touched by his story.  Sadly, Richard knows all too well what it is like to lose a baby and he has since set up an amazing Charity called Baby Ava’s Support Foundation.  Richard regularly talks about his Daughter Ava and I have shared her story below…


Ava’s Story

Ava Helene Atkinson was born on the 26th May 2014 at The Alexandra Hospital Redditch. Due to being born so early she experienced many health issues.

Ava was moved to the neo natal unit where she was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. After many tests and a brain scan it was found that Ava was unable to breathe on her own, her heart rate and blood pressure could not be stabilised, and the scan found she had suffered a bleed on the brain.

Ava was too poorly to be transferred to a specialist children’s hospital and was to remain under the care of the staff at the Alexandra Hospital for whom I must thank for all their hard work and effort to make Ava as comfortable as possible.

Hours later Ava’s condition had not improved and after discussions with the consultant it was decided that due to the severity of the health issues she had, we as parents had to make the most devastating decision of our lives, together with the care team, to withdraw treatment.

Minutes after coming off the ventilator Ava passed away peacefully with her family around her, except for her Daddy Richard who was flying back into the Country and in touch only by phone.

Whilst at the hospital we were given a keepsake box in which we were able to have memories of Ava. These precious memories are there for us to look at and cherish. Her keepsake box has brought comfort to us all, so much that we have decided we would like to put together our own memory boxes for other parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

Baby Ava's Support Foundation Logo

Baby Ava’s Support Foundation

Richard works tirelessly organising events to fundraise and provide memory boxes to as many parents as possible.  Each memory box is carefully assembled with lots of thought and love.  Parents receive a beautiful box filled with;

  • An inkless wipe and paper to take your child’s hand and footprint, which can be captured in sterling silver jewellery later on if parents wish to.
  • 2 identical teddies, one remains with the child and the other is for his/her parents.
  • An angel candle that can be lit every year on the child’s birthday.
  • A little keepsake bag for a lock of the child’s hair.
  • A star on a chain for Mummy to wear. Richard added this to the memory boxes after telling his Son that his sister is a big star in the sky.
  • An ‘in the hands of angels’ keyring.
  • Forget me not seeds that can be planted and will flower every year.
  • A fleece blanket and a knitted blanket.


The beautiful contents of a baby girl keepsake box...
The beautiful contents of a baby girl keepsake box…

Proud to support Baby Ava’s Support Foundation

I would love to see as many parents as possible be able to have a memory box.  Currently they are not available in all hospitals.  I am very proud to be supporting Baby Ava’s Support Foundation and you can too.  There is a note in the memory box in the ‘Through the Father’s Eye’ information booklet that Richard created to help support both Mums and Dads who have lost a baby and I will explain it here too.

If you have lost a baby and want to help make it possible for other parents to have a memory box, simply type AVA01 in the personalisation box when you order any silver keepsake jewellery from my website and I will make a donation to Baby Ava’s Support Foundation to help Richard continue his important and essential work.

Please share this blog with all of your friends and family.  Baby loss is real and it happens more often than we realise.  So many people need support and we can all do our bit to help.


Keepsake box for a baby boy
Keepsake box for a baby boy
Small handprint cut out charm and charm carrier
Small handprint cut out charm with charm carrier
Hand and footprint cufflinks








Capturing your little one’s unique hand and footprint in sterling silver jewellery

Cheeky Little Prints have been creating silver keepsake jewellery since 2009, and specifically memorial jewellery since 2010.  Every piece of jewellery I create tells a story and I am honoured that so many people choose me to create their extra special memorial jewellery.

If you are reading this and already have hand and footprints safely tucked away at home and you would like them captured in sterling silver jewellery get in touch and I can help make that happen for you.  I can work with pretty much any prints and only require a photo or scan of the prints so you don’t have to part with your precious prints.

There are lots of silver hand and footprint jewellery options to choose from and I am more than happy to have a chat with you about designs so we can create your special jewellery exactly as you wish.  If you have any questions please get in touch.

If you would like more information on Baby Ava’s Foundation please visit their website

Sending you hugs and best wishes,

Lisa x x x


Regular silver footprint charm
Regular silver footprint charm