How to choose the best hand/foot/paw print jewellery design

It can sometimes feel a little daunting when you are faced with a lot of choice. Should I choose this, should I choose that and it can be even more difficult when you are buying a gift and therefore choosing on someone else’s behalf (unless they have given you specific instructions!). In this blog I am going to help you make the right decision so you can confidently choose the best jewellery design for you (or the lucky person you are treating!).

Which jewellery range shall I choose?

The first thing to think about it which range of jewellery would be most suitable, so I will give you a bit of information on each one.

Silver heart charm with your little one's fingerprint
Silver heart charm with your little one’s fingerprint

Fingerprint jewellery showcases your loved one’s unique fingerprint in stunning sterling silver and is personalised by hand with your loved one’s name. While we are all born with fingerprints, it can be challenging to get a clear fingerprint from young babies and I don’t advise taking fingerprints from babies until they are at least 6 months old. Fingerprint whorls tend to be deeper and more defined from around the age of 1 year and in general they gain more definition as your little one gets older.







Large silver heart charm with hand and footprint
Large silver heart charm with hand and footprint

Hand and footprint jewellery is the most popular type (joint with paw print jewellery) that I create. Hand and footprints can be taken with my quick and easy to use inkless print kits and these kits are safe to be used from birth. There is also no upper age limit either, the oldest prints I have are from a 102 year old Great Grandfather! It’s never too early or late to capture your loved one’s unique hand/footprint and treasure it forever. Once you have prints, email a photo or scan of them to me and I will tidy up any smudgy bits and send you a proof to approve.





Silver cufflinks with your pet's paw prints
Silver cufflinks with your pet’s paw prints


Paw print jewellery is also the most popular type of jewellery I create, joint with hand/footprint and it is easy to see why. Our fur babies mean the world to us so it’s only natural we want to keep a part of them with us wherever we go. When you order you will be sent an inkless print kit to capture your pet’s paw prints at home. Then simply email a photo or scan of the prints to me and I will tidy up any furry bits and send you a proof to approve.




Sterling silver horse shoe charm
Sterling silver horse shoe charm

Horse shoe jewellery captures your own horse’s unique shoe in stunning sterling silver jewellery.  You can have your horse’s shoe either imprinted into a silver charm or have a miniaturised horse shoe cut to shape for you.  Take a look at the different designs available and see which you like best.  All you need to do is email a good quality photo of your horse’s shoe to me and I will take care of the rest.




Sterling silver signature charm with your own handwriting



Doodles and signature jewellery is a gorgeous range of jewellery that showcases your little one’s drawings or handwriting (child or adult) in sterling silver. Each drawing or handwritten word is proportionately reduced in size and stamped into the silver. These beautiful pieces of jewellery make the perfect gifts and keepsakes for parents, aunties and uncles as well as doting grandparents.




Silver birth announcement charm
Silver birth announcement charm

Say it in silver jewellery is a beautiful range capturing your special names, dates and messages in stunning sterling silver. Each letter and number is carefully inscribed by hand into the silver, where it will stay etched in forever. This range of jewellery is perfect for surprise gifts as you don’t need to organise getting prints in secret! Simply choose your words and place your order.

Which design would be best for me or the gift recipient?

Ok so if you know the range of jewellery you would like e.g. hand/footprint you now need to decide which design.  To help you with this I will note down a few things that will make your decision process much quicker and easier 🙂

Small charms – these are perfect for bracelets, bangles and dainty necklaces.  Your chosen print will be showcased on the front and a name hand inscribed on the back.  Small charms come in a few different shapes; heart, circle, flower or cut out in the shape of the hand/foot/paw print.

Regular charms – are perfect for necklaces and have enough room for your print on the front with a name inscribed next to it.  You could also have a special date or message inscribed on the back.  Alternatively you can have the print a bit bigger on the front of your charm and the name inscribed on the back.  Regular charms are available in the following shapes; heart, curved heart, circle, oval, star, long rectangle, dog tag or cut out in the shape of the hand/foot/paw print.

Large charms – have room to fit up to 2 prints (or 3 if the special triple rectangle charm is selected) on the front with names usually being hand inscribed on the back.  Large charms look stunning with sibling hand/footprints or with 2 or 3 paw prints from your furbabies!  You can find out the sizes of each charm on the website by selecting the shape and inscription type you would like, then the size is displayed underneath.  Large charms are available in heart, curved heart, dog tag shapes as well as a long rectangle which can carry 3 prints.

Cufflinks – are a wonderful gift for dads & grandads and even fur-dad’s.  Elegant and stylish cufflinks capturing your loved one’s unique prints, personalised with their name and or a special date or message.  There is a little room on most cufflinks to inscribe a special dates.  I create quite a few cufflinks for couples planning their wedding so you could have the date of the wedding inscribed into the cufflinks.  Cufflinks are currently available in square, circle, rectangle, small rectangle and cut out shapes.

Keyrings – a fabulous gift choice for both men and ladies.  What better way to keep a part of your loved one with you wherever you go!  Keyrings are available in 2 sizes; regular which has space for one print and large which has space for 2 prints.  All keyrings can be inscribed with your loved ones’ and/or pets’ names and sometimes there is room for a special date or message as well.  The base keyring consists of the fingerprint/hand/foot/paw print charm and a strong sterling silver chain attached by a soldered jump ring.  You can add a sterling silver split ring as an optional extra if you wish.  Regular keyrings are available in heart, curved heart, circle, oval, star, long rectangle, dog tag or cut out in the shape of the hand/foot/paw print.  Large keyrings are available as heart, curved heart and dog tag shapes.

As well as the main jewellery you will see on the website I have a number of lovely sterling silver chains, leather cord, silver charm bracelets, “Pandora style” charm carriers and split rings for keyrings.  All of these items are available to order with the charms and keyrings etc.

If you have questions about any of the different jewellery ranges or which design is best for you, please get in touch and I will be happy to help you.  My phone number and email address are just to the right.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and creating you all truly unique and beautiful keepsake jewellery.