How to Take Amazing Paw Prints


Our pets mean the world to us, they are often referred to as our “furbabies”, something that non-pet owners don’t really ‘get’ or understand!  Pets are undoubtedly incredibly special and important family members, they are our best friends who are always there for us.

Given our pets mean so much to us, it’s only natural to want to keep them with us wherever we go and incorporate them into our lives as much as possible.  In this blog I am going to share with you some tips on how to take amazing paw prints from your pets so you have them to keep forever.   You also then have the option of capturing those special paw prints in a personalised paw print stamp or silver paw print jewellery 🙂

Getting started…

Ok, so you have a treasured pet or three at home and would like to capture their unique paw prints to keep forever.  You could try using an ink pad and some paper at home, but I think we all know how that would likely end up!!!  Yes, you guessed it, ink paw prints all over your house and probably all over you too!!

There is a much easier way to do this thankfully.  The simplest way to capture your pet’s unique paw print is to use one of my inkless paw print kits.   You can grab one by ordering on the website and they are a total bargain at only £2.99!  There are discounts available if ordering multiple kits and they are posted to you within 48 hours of you placing your order.

Once you have your kit you will find inside, an inkless wipe in a little packet (one per animal), an A4 sheet of special inkless paper (one per animal), an instruction sheet and a little note from me, which includes a discount code you can use to save 10% when you order personalised paw print stamps and silver paw print jewellery 🙂  The first thing you need to do is read through the instruction sheet as it tells you everything you need to do.

Tips to help you capture that perfect paw print…

I have taken many many paw prints over the years and I used to be a Veterinary Nurse.  This experience has taught me quite a few things and I will share them below to help you capture your pet’s precious paw print.  A lot of these tips are on the instruction sheet but I will add in a few extras here because I love to be super helpful 🙂

Taking paw prints at a print party
Taking paw prints at a print party
  • These inkless paw print kits have been successfully used with a variety of pets including; kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, rabbits and mice.  There are likely a few other animals that you could use these kits for too like guinea pigs and rats.
  • Read the instructions in full before you begin.
  • The kit is inkless so you or your pet won’t make any mess using it 🙂
  • It’s often easier to take prints when there are 2 of you; one person to rub the inkless wipe over your pet’s paw and one person to hold your pet.
  • If your pet has particularly furry paws you’ll find it easier to take a paw print after their paws have had a trim if that’s possible.  For example, plan to take your dog’s paw prints after a visit to the groomers.
  • Cats can be more challenging as they are often not keen on having the fur between their paws trimmed, however, thankfully their paws tend not to be quite as furry as some dogs!
  • It is often easier to take paw prints from dogs when they are calm and relaxed after being taken out for a pee.
  • Take prints on a flat surface e.g. table or on the floor using a clip board.
  • Apparently (and I found this out from a vet recently) cats don’t mind having their front paws touched but they hate having their back paws touched.  I can confirm this is certainly true for my cat and I found that out when she had some mud stuck to the fur in her back paw.  She wouldn’t let me anywhere near it lol!
  • Dogs are the opposite, they are often not keen on having their front paws touched but don’t mind their back paws being touched.  Having said that I usually take paw prints from front paws but if the dog appears reluctant I then try a back paw.
  • Be patient with your pet.  They have not seen an inkless paw print kit before and have no idea what you are asking them to do or why!
  • Don’t worry if the paw print(s) smudges and you have furry bits here and there and fingerprints mixed in with the paw prints too.  I will tidy up your paw prints when you send them to me and remove any smudges and fingerprints so you get your pet’s beautiful and unique paw print.
  • If you attempt to take paw prints and your pet is really not co-operating, don’t worry.  You can fold the wipe up and put it back in the foil packet and sellotape to seal it.  Try again another time when your pet has calmed down and use some treats to entice them and distract them.

How to take your pet’s paw print video…

As I said above, it is usually easier to take prints if there are 2 of you but as the video below shows it is possible to do it on your own, even with a lively dog, at lunchtime who has spotted sausage!

What if I need more help?

Don’t worry if you have attempted to take paw prints and tried all of the above but for some reason you either can’t get clear prints, you don’t think it has worked or your pet is very reluctant to have his/her paw prints taken.  I am usually around on the phone or email and more than happy to help guide you through the process and offer extra advice.  It is best to leave your pet for a while to calm down before attempting to take prints again.  Get some of your pet’s favourite treats ready too as this works well!

Please don’t throw your prints away even if you think they are no good.  Always take a photo or scan of them and email them to me at and I will check them.  I have clever software that helps me adjust the darkness and contrast and I can usually pick out the paw print from the fur and tidy it up for you.

Yours to keep forever…

Tiger with her paw prints
Tiger with her paw prints

Now you have your pet’s unique paw prints it is important to take a photo or scan of them and email them to me so I can check them.  I will tidy up your pet’s paw prints and send you an image of the best one for you to keep forever.  A digital copy of your pet’s unique paw print will be kept on file in case you’d like to capture their special paw print in a personalised paw print stamp or stunning sterling silver jewellery.  There is a wide range of beautiful keepsakes to choose from and I am happy to have a chat with you to help you choose the best option for you.




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