Is your child about to start School or Pre-School?

The emotional countdown…

Coloured pencils
Coloured pencils

Preparing for the day your little one starts School or Pre-School is a very emotional time.  You are filled with excitement that they are growing up and look so incredibly smart and grown up in their new uniform that you have spent a fortune on!!  You are also a bit worried for them though, your child is still so young, they are your baby and they always will be, however old they are.  Your little boy or girl may be a bit anxious about starting School, it’s a big step for them and that probably makes you even more nervous or worried.  The best thing to do is to talk with your child and find out what they are worried about and work out little solutions with them, reassure them you will be there holding their hand and they have visited already so they know where they will be putting their coat and bag and where the play ground is.  You can even pop one of their favourite foods in their lunchbox so they can look forward to that 🙂

The big day…

The Summer holidays are zooming along as usual and the big day, your baby’s first day at School or Pre-School will soon be here.  Keep positive, even if they are a little worried as they will sense your anxiety and that will heighten theirs.  If they see Mummy and/or Daddy is calm and happy, that will reassure them that going to School or Pre-School is a positive thing and not quite as scary as they thought it might be.  Most children surprise their parents by skipping into School with hardly a second glance back at Mummy or Daddy because they see their friends and their teacher they have met previously and the excitement takes over!  There are usually more tears from the Mums and Dads at the gate.

I remember when my children started School and Pre-School, a few years ago, its a big thing and they were so excited so I went along with it and was positive and happy.  They excitedly skipped into School.  It was quite strange coming away from the School and Pre-School without my boys, home to an empty house.  I had a to-do list a mile long but it still felt a little strange and very quiet!!

I busied myself though with emails and social media and working on special pieces of jewellery for my customers and 3pm soon came around.  Both of my boys had great big smiles for me as I collected them in the playground.  Both had had a brilliant day and they enjoyed it, they were tired but happy.  My eldest regularly fell asleep on the sofa about 4pm several times a week during the first couple of months of Reception at Primary School, bless him!  He soon woke up when I presented him with a yummy dinner 🙂

Making it a little easier on you…

In the majority of cases, parents find this transition harder than the children.  One thing that I found helped me when it was time to wave my boys off to School and Pre-School was carrying their unique handprints with me wherever I went.  I have a necklace with 2 sterling silver star charms, one with Ollie’s handprint and one with Jake’s handprint and their names hand inscribed on the back.

Silver cut out footprint charm with charm carrier
Silver cut out footprint charm with charm carrier

I wear this necklace every day so they are always with me and when I miss them I can stop and touch my charms, holding them in my hands to comfort me, and it does bring much comfort.  I know this from personal experience as well as when several customers have contacted me saying how much comfort they get from their special keepsake jewellery.

It’s very easy to capture your child’s hand/footprint or even their fingerprint in stunning sterling silver jewellery.  I create a wide range of designs including charms for bracelets, necklaces as well as cufflinks and keyrings so there is something to suit all the Mums and Dads.

For fingerprint jewellery you can either book a print appointment with me in Swindon and I will take your child’s fingerprint or I if you live further away, place your order online and I can send you some special moulding putty that you use to take your child’s fingerprint impression and then post it back to me.  I will then capture that fingerprint in sterling silver for you so you can keep a part of your little one with you wherever you go.

Silver circle cufflinks with your child's handprints
Silver circle cufflinks with your child’s handprints

To capture your child’s unique hand/footprint you will need one of my inkless hand/footprint kits, which are very easy to use and because they are inkless there is no mess – what a bonus 🙂  Once you have your child’s hand/footprints simply email a photo or scan of them to me at the email address provided and I will tidy up any smudges or extra fingerprints that may be present and then send you a proof to approve.  Once approved I then get started on creating your special jewellery showcasing your little one’s precious hand/footprint.  You can order jewellery direct from the website and once your order is placed your print kit will be posted out.

If you have any questions on the print kits or different jewellery designs available, please get in touch and I will be happy to assist you.



Silver heart charm with your little one’s fingerprint




Silver star fingerprint keyring
Regular star fingerprint keyring