Is your dog a bit of a character?

We are a nation of dog lovers and many pet owners have more than one dog.  Yvonne called me in December and enquired about the small silver raised paw print charms I create.   We had a lovely chat on the phone and worked out the best way to attach a set of small paw print charms to her Links of London sweetie bracelet.   We went through various options and then settled on soldered jump rings and split rings.  Yvonne owns and cares for 6 Shih tzu dogs; Holly, Daisy, Mya, Kenzi, Lily-Bo and Brooke.

A lasting memory


Yvonne knows that her furfamily won’t be here forever and she wanted to ensure she has a lasting, unique memory of her beautiful dogs.  A keepsake that was individual to each dog and would last a lifetime and beyond.  Following our chat, Yvonne opted to capture Holly, Daisy, Mya, Kenzi, Lily-Bo and Brooke’s unique paw prints in small sterling silver raised paw print charms that would be added to her special bracelet.  Due to having 6 dogs, Yvonne planned to order one charm a month, to help spread them out a little.  So I prepared an inkless paw print kit and posted it to her so she could capture Holly’s unique paw print first.

Yvonne captured Holly’s paw print and sent me some photos of her prints.  I worked on Holly’s paw prints, tidying up the extra furry bits and then sent Yvonne a proof to approve.  Yvonne loved Holly’s paw print so I got started creating a miniature stamp ready to create the silver raised paw print charm.  Over the course of the next 10 days I created a very special silver charm showcasing Holly’s raised paw print.  I inscribed “Holly x 1st furbaby” on the back of the charm that I had cut by hand in the shape of Holly’s unique paw print.

The gift of kindness

While I was working on Holly’s paw print charm, one day I got another phone call, this time from a lovely lady called Pauline, Yvonne’s niece.  Pauline explained to me that Yvonne is such a lovely lady and she is always doing things for others and they wanted to do something kind for her now.  Pauline explained it was Yvonne’s birthday soon and she had organised for lots of Yvonne’s family and friends to club together and pay for the remaining 5 small raised paw print charms for her special bracelet!  I was blown away by this story, such a lovely and kind thing to do 🙂  I was so excited to be involved in such a lovely surprise.  So we organised all the details on the phone and I got 5 paw print kits prepared ready for the birthday surprise!

Yvonne’s birthday arrived and she was absolutely over the moon with her big surprise and could hardly contain her excitement at being able to have all 6 charms so quickly!  Over the next week or so Yvonne captured paw prints from Daisy, Mya, Kenzi, Lily-Bo and Brooke and I set to work preparing their paw prints and creating 5 more unique charms.

Each dog has their own individual character

Small raised paw print charm
Small raised paw print charm

I always really enjoy keeping in touch with pet owners as I create their special paw print jewellery.  Yvonne wanted special little phrases on the back of each charm to describe each of her dog’s characters and I managed to squeeze them on the back, just!

Holly is Yvonne’s first furbaby so I inscribed this on the back of her charm.

Lily-Bo always follows Yvonne around so I inscribed “Bo  x My Shadow”

Brooke is a bit of a diva so her charm was personalised “Brooke x Wee Diva”

Kenzi always does a dance at 11am and 4pm for her dinner every day so her charm was personalised “Kenzi x Wee Dancer”

Daisy loves her food and is a bit of a chunky monkey!  I couldn’t quiet fit that on so I inscribed “Daisy x CM”  CM being short for chunky monkey

Mya is a lovely little character so I personalised her charm “Mya x Wee Star”

Inscription on the back of a paw print charm
Inscription on the back of a paw print charm



This is one of the many benefits of having bespoke personalised paw print jewellery created, it is created exactly as you want it, to your requirements.  You are effectively designing your own special piece of jewellery.  Being independent means I can create for you such a wide range of designs, every piece of jewellery I create is a one-off, no two are ever the same.


Capturing your dog’s character

Do you have your own furfamily of dogs and maybe cats too?  Would you like to capture their unique paw print so you have it to keep forever?  Well you can now capture your own pet’s unique paw print with one of my easy to use inkless paw print kits for just £5.  You will receive everything you need including full instructions to capture your pet’s unique paw print and also a code to use on my website to get 10% off your next order (paw print stamps, personalised paw print gifts and silver paw print jewellery).

I can create a whole range of special gifts and keepsakes showcasing your pet’s unique paw print, personalised in a way that captures their individual character.  Personalised paw print stamps are a firm favourite with pet owners all over the UK who can now sign their birthday and Christmas cards with their pet’s own real paw print – how cool is that!  Mugs  and water bottles capturing your pet’s own unique paw print, favourite photo and special message have been very popular and they make a thoughtful gift at a great price.

The best way to capture your pet’s unique character is silver paw print jewellery, which also gives you the amazing opportunity of being able to keep a part of your best friend with you wherever you go.  Like Yvonne, who can now wear her special bracelet and she will have a part of Holly, Lily-Bo, Brooke, Kenzi, Daisy and Mya with her wherever she goes.  It is such a powerful thing to be able to do and those charms are an irreplaceable memory that will last a lifetime and beyond.

If you would like to have a chat about the best way to capture your pet’s individual character, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to have a chat with you and look at all the options.



Small raised paw print charm
Small raised paw print charm



Inscription on the back of paw print charm
Inscription on the back of paw print charm







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