It’s time to party! :)

So many memories, so little time…

There are many ways we can capture and treasure our special memories; photos, videos, letters, cards and personalised gifts.  Silver keepsake jewellery is one of the best ways to capture your special memories.  Not only does each special piece showcase the words or prints of your loved one, it also gives the opportunity to carry a part of your loved one with you wherever you go and that is truly priceless.

We often get swept away with life, I mean we are entering September!!!  Seriously where is this year going?  It only feels like it was New Year a couple of months ago or is that just me?!  So many times I am approached by lovely people who tell me they have been meaning to order jewellery with their little one’s fingerprint, hand or footprint but they had not got around to it.  Likewise I speak with many pet owners who regret not capturing their cat, dog or rabbit’s paw prints when they had the opportunity and now sadly they have passed away.

Taking prints for footprint jewellery at a print party
Taking prints for footprint jewellery at a print party

Fancy a coffee?

I remember when my boys were little I used to really enjoy meeting up with other Mums and their little ones’ for a coffee either at toddler group or we took turns to host at our houses.  A relaxed, safe environment where you can all chat and help each other, as let’s be honest parenting is a wonderful experience but it is also a rollercoaster of emotions, mixed with sleep deprivation and a rather steep learning curve!  Especially if you are a new Mum it can be really hard so to be surrounded by friends who can help and advise you is a really positive thing 🙂

Taking paw prints at a print party
Taking paw prints at a print party



I am sure all of your fur parents also enjoy a coffee and chat about your pets, finding solutions for different challenges you come across.  Pet owners are a very friendly bunch always happy to advise and recommend things and places to other pet owners on social media groups and forums.

Capture your special memories with a play date…

Meeting for coffee and letting the little one’s play together is great for Mums as explained above and it is also an ideal opportunity for little one’s to socialise and learn so much.  The same is true for dogs, they thrive on socialisation and learning.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture your special memories at the same time, freeing you up to get all those other tasks done as well later on.  This is where Print Parties come in.  Simply invite your friends and their little ones, family and/or your NCT group over to your house for a coffee and play date.  I will bring along samples of my silver keepsake jewellery, personalised stamps and new gifts and will be on hand to explain a little more and take prints from the little one’s and pets for you.

Personalised mug with hand/footprint and photo
Personalised mug with hand/footprint and photo

Print Parties are an ideal opportunity to treat yourself, because lets be honest, us Mums usually put ourselves last on the priority list and we really shouldn’t.  Mums make incredible achievements everyday and that needs to be celebrated!  You can also order an extra special gift for Daddy’s birthday or just because you love him so much.  And Grandparents, they love nothing more than a special gift from their Grandchild.  With Christmas in the not to distant future, print parties are an ideal way to wrap up most of your Christmas shopping in one go as there really is something for everyone 🙂

Small cut out hand & footprint and fingerprint charms

Puppy Party…

If you have furbabies you will certainly not be left out!  Silver paw print jewellery is now my most popular jewellery range with hand and footprint being a close second.  I will have paw print kits available at the party to either use and take your pet’s paw print at the party for you or you can purchase a kit for just £2.99 and take it home to get prints.

Personalised paw print stamp
Personalised paw print stamp



Personalised water bottle with hand/foot/paw print and photo
Personalised water bottle with hand/foot/paw print and photo

You can even save money too…

As a thank you, the host will earn up to 15% commission on all purchases and orders their guests make on the day of the party.  The host can spend their commission on any product(s) within the Cheeky Little Prints ranges.

If your party spend is £150 – £250 = host will receive 5% commission to spend on his/her own keepsakes.

If your party spend is £251 – £400 = host will receive 10% commission to spend on his/her own keepsakes.

If your party spend is over £401 = host will receive 15% commission to spend on his/her own keepsakes.

A little note from a very happy client…

I placed my first order with Lisa as I instantly loved the quality of her products and was won over by Lisa herself – you could tell every order was special for her and she completely understood how important it was for you to be ordering your keepsakes.

What made you choose Cheeky Little Prints?

Lisa! She has so much passion for what she does and she cares so much about every item she makes. She’s always been fantastic and patient with my boys when taking prints. The quality of her items is consistently amazing.  Karen – Newbury, Berkshire.

Get in quick and secure your preferred party date before they are all booked up…

You can find further information on Print Parties on the website.  Call Lisa today to secure your preferred party date and then call your friends to arrange 🙂  Print Parties must be hosted before 1st December to ensure all keepsakes are ready and delivered in time for Christmas.

Silver square cufflinks with your pet’s paw prints

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