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You have to be a pet owner to really understand…

If you are a pet owner, you’ll understand the unbreakable bond shared between a human and their furry friend.  It can sometimes be difficult for people without a fur family to appreciate just how important pets are and the unique relationships they build.  Pet’s come in all shapes and sizes from tiny mice and hamsters to large breed dogs like Wolfhounds, and each one totally unique.  You’ll know if you have had more than one pet, they are all different and the relationship you share with them is so special and truly unique.  Pets are being treated more and more like family members, with a growing number of accessories available to purchase for your pet and a large number of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are set up and managed purely for our furry companions.


Bea, Lux, Brigadier and Moth
Bea, Lux, Brigadier and Moth


Dogs are a man’s best friend…

While there are many different pets to choose from, dogs remain a firm favourite in the UK and there are a huge selection of breeds to choose from.  Tiny Yorkshire Terriers for those wishing to own a small dog all the way up to large St Bernards and Newfoundlands.  Dogs quickly become crucial members of the family, providing owners with great emotional support and it is not uncommon for families to own more than one dog.

One of my lovely clients is a very busy lady looking after her 4 dogs!  Helen is a huge dog lover and shares her home with 2 Labradors Bea and Lux and 2 Wolfhounds Brigadier and Moth, oh and her husband too!

A lovely way to keep them close to your heart…

Paw print charms on necklace
The finished necklace!

Helen first became aware of silver paw print jewellery when she saw her friend had a necklace on with paw print pendants and the prints were of some of the dogs she had lost over the years, Helen thought it was a lovely way to keep them close to your heart.  Bea, Lux, Brigadier and Moth mean the world to Helen and she got to thinking about how she can keep her fur family close to her heart forever.  After searching online, Helen discovered Cheeky Little Prints and loved the choice of sizes and styles I create.  Helen and I exchanged several emails and came up with a fantastic design that delivered everything she wanted from her exceptionally special necklace.

Once we had a set of lovely paw prints I set about creating 2 small paw print pendants and 2 regular paw print pendants. The two small pendants showcased paw prints from Labradors Bea & Lux and the two larger paw prints were created by Wolfhounds Brigadier & Moth.  Each finished charm was secured to a charm carrier and then displayed on a thick sterling silver snake chain (Pandora style).

Room for another?

Helen was absolutely over the moon with her stunning necklace and took photos and posted on Facebook as soon as the postman delivered it.  Shortly after Helen had received her necklace, I received an email from Helen’s husband who then ordered another charm to add to her necklace as a surprise.  I created the new charm, which showcased Richard’s handprint.  I then posted the new charm and Richard asked Helen if he could ‘join the pack’!

Helen loved her new charm and added it to her necklace straight away.

My dogs are everything to me along with my Husband so I have his hand print in the middle of the set, all my loves together with me always.  I intend to have a print make of my first girl Fern a collie cross, I had Fern with me for almost 18 years, I have her prints still on paper and I know Lisa is clever enough to still made a mould so I can keep Fern with me too, keep the gang together…  I love the choice of sizes and styles available, and Lisa is so lovely to work with and helped me to make good choices that would work well together on one necklace.

Keeping your own fur family close to your heart is now even more affordable…

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