Nobody Needs To Be Left Out

Designing the jewellery and keepsakes that you all want is at the heart of everything I do.  I am regularly looking at developing new products and jewellery designs, and I also listen to your requests and feedback.  One thing that became clear about 6 months ago was that pet owners were wanting a triple paw print stamp to be made available.  At the time I was only creating single and double stamps.  After the Christmas rush I then set about designing a triple paw print stamp, which has been very well received since it’s launch.  If you have several pets and you usually draw a paw print for each of them in birthday and Christmas cards, you might want to check out the amazing personalised paw print stamps pet owners are raving about!  No more drawing paw prints, you could be signing cards with your pet’s own real paw prints!

Personalised stamp showcasing 3 of your pet's paw prints
Personalised stamp showcasing 3 of your pet’s paw prints


The magic number…

One of my very loyal customers who has ordered many ceramic keepsakes and several pairs of cufflinks from me over the last 5 or 6 years wanted a necklace with her 3 girls handprints on.  For ages she had wanted to carry her girls’ handprints with her wherever she went but didn’t because she couldn’t find a design that would fit all 3 of her girls handprints together on the same piece.  Three was the magic number and for this customer it was important to her to have them all on the same charm.  So I set about designing a new charm that would fit 3 handprints and my customer loved it!  I have added these new triple charms to the website, so they are available to order now.  


Long silver rectangle charm showcasing three handprints
Long silver rectangle charm showcasing three handprints


Names hand inscribed on the back of triple handprint charm
Names hand inscribed on the back of triple handprint charm
Cheeky Little Prints hand inscribed names on the back of triple paw print charm
Hand inscribed names on the back of triple paw print charm


Cheeky Little Prints silver triple paw print charm
Silver triple paw print charm

Fabulous feedback…

I quite literally love it. I haven’t taken it off since it arrived! What’s more, my girls love seeing me wear their handprints. You did an AMAZING job with this. Thank you so much xxx  C. Brown

Triple charms are hand crafted in sterling silver just like all of the other jewellery and these charms are personalised by hand with names on the back.

As you can see from the images above, I have also added a triple paw print charm to the website as well for all of you lovely pet owners.

Now what?

In between working on your lovely orders I am currently working on updating the photography for some of the jewellery ranges.  I will soon be creating some new samples with handwriting and children’s drawings for the Doodles and Signatures range.

What other jewellery designs or keepsakes with your loved one’s hand/footprints and pet’s paw prints would you like to see?  I would love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have and I will see what I can do! 🙂