Doodles & Signatures

There is something so lovely about your children’s handwritten messages — in birthday and mothers’ day cards, or little notes to you. Their first drawings and doodles too, are something to treasure.

Now you can capture all of these and more in unique silver pieces. All of our personalised jewellery is ‘fine silver’, or 99.9% pure, meaning it looks beautiful and timeless. So simply choose your jewellery piece that’s right for you,  then scan and email us the part you want me to use.

Doodle & signature jewellery – a gift for someone you love

Doodle and signature jewellery aren’t just for mums and dads. They’re also perfect for expressing what someone means to you — what could mean more than a handwritten ‘I love you’ turned into silver? Or perhaps their signature, or even a funny, quirky little doodle that sums them up?

Handwritten  words, signatures or doodles (simple line drawings work best!) can be showcased on a range of pieces, including charms, cufflinks and keyrings.

Browse below for inspiration and ideas, or find out more about ordering silver personalised jewellery.

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