Horse Shoe Jewellery

Cheeky Little Print’s horseshoe jewellery uses an imprint of your very own horse’s shoe, captured in beautiful silver. This is not to be confused with most “personalised horse shoe jewellery”, which usually just means a generic horseshoe shape cast in silver, with a message on the back! Now you can wear your own horse’s shoe print as a beautiful jewellery piece.

What type of horse shoe jewellery?

My range includes horseshoe necklaces, horseshoe pandora charms and horseshoe cufflinks — it’s your choice. What they all do is create a memory of your special companion that will last a lifetime. So whatever your choice, my custom silver horseshoe jewellery makes a truly unique keepsake for you, or an ideal gift for the horse-lovers in your life. With larger pieces, I can even personalise it further by adding names and/or dates as you wish.

Not all equestrian jewellery is the same — so browse our range below for inspiration, or find out more about how I create horse shoe jewellery.

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