Personalised Stamps

Brand New for 2017!

You can now capture your loved one’s unique hand and footprints and pet’s precious paw prints and use them over and over again with my new personalised stamps.

Each stamp is bespoke and handcrafted showcasing your loved one’s unique hand/footprint and name. Pet stamps feature your own pet’s unique paw print and their name underneath.

Personalised stamps are a fun way to sign birthday and Christmas cards, especially for those members of the family who can’t write their own name. Baby hand and footprints look super cute in cards and toddlers and young children will love getting involved and stamping the cards with you. We all love to include our pets on birthday and Christmas cards so what better way to do it than with their very own personalised paw print stamp!

To order your personalised stamp simply choose from the options below, place your order and I will then send you a kit so you can begin taking your special hand, foot and paw prints.

Wishing you lots of stamping fun!

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