Print Kits

Now you can capture your loved ones’ and special pet’s prints with my easy to use print kits — just choose the kit that you need and we can get started.

But my sincere advice is not to put it off!

Things we don’t get around to doing: capturing special memories.

Preserving your baby’s handprint or your pet’s paw print is a great way of capturing a special memory… if only you get round to doing it.

Unfortunately, in our busy lives, we sometimes forget about the truly important things, like keeping safe a precious moment in time. That’s always something we will do next week. And before we know it, our baby has grown up, or our pet has already crossed the rainbow bridge.

Many of my customers tell me they wish they had taken other imprints, from their lost pets or children who have now grown up. That’s why, if you’re interested in turning handprints, pawprints, horse shoes and so on into personalised jewellery, you shouldn’t put it off. Because tomorrow is here all too soon.

Ordering your print kit below

You will need one print kit for each person or pet you’re taking a print from. Instructions for using the kits are included, and my website has more general information on my personalised jewellery.

Once you have the prints, simply send a photo or scan of your prints to me and I will keep a digital copy nice and safe for you. You will then have prints ready to go should you wish to have something special created in the future.

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