Sometimes the best comfort has four legs and a fur coat…

I think it is fair to say that most if not every pet owner will tell you they receive so much unconditional love and comfort from their pet(s).  They are always there to greet you when you get home, purring and wagging their excited tail to show you how much they missed you.  There for you during the good times and more importantly there for you during the hard, sad and challenging times that we all experience.  Our pets are never rude to us or answer us back, they can be a bit mischievious from time to time but we can forgive them that for they give so much.


Meet Buzz – a very special puppy


Buzz working hard as a bereavement puppy
Buzz working hard as a bereavement puppy











One of our customers has a very special dog called Buzz and not only is he a happy and lovely little dog but he has a very important job to do.  Buzz’s official title is a Bereavment Puppy and he works for Rosedale Funeral Homes Ltd.  We first found out about Buzz when his owner Beverley popped onto our website and ordered a personalised paw print stamp with Buzz’s paw prints.  So we posted out an inkless paw print kit for Buzz as we do for all of our customers and when Beverley sent back Buzz’s paw prints she told me a bit about him and I was really taken with his story.


Forward thinking

How wonderful and forward thinking are Rosedale Funeral Homes Ltd to recognise that animals provide a huge amount of comfort to humans, especially in their time of need.  Now I am fairly sure most people reading this blog can cast their mind back to when they have lost someone special, perhaps a family member or a friend.  Can you remember how difficult and traumatic it was to visit the funeral home and have to make all these decisions so soon after loosing someone very close to you?  Now imagine that Funeral Home having a lovely little dog that will come and sit with you quietly while you have some space to think about things, reflect on your loved one and what they would want.  I personally think having a bereavement dog at Funeral Homes is amazing and I really wish they had had a lovely dog when I went to visit my grandparents at the chapel of rest recently :'(.

Heart warming

Buzz bereavement pup sitting on the desk
Buzz bereavement pup sitting on the desk

Buzz has been working as a bereavement puppy since he was a tiny 8 weeks old brightening up the darkest of days for many families.  Buzz greets people as they arrive with a wagging tail and beautiful smile.  Buzz often sits on his colleagues desks and is quite a character!  Rosedale Funeral Homes have been delighted by how much Buzz has helped bereaved families relax more and be able to start to process their grief.  The famous little pup even has his own profile on the Funeral Homes’ website, you can see it here.


Signing cards

Beverley ordered a personalised paw print stamp with Buzz’s unique paw print as they send out a lot of Christmas cards and other cards to their clients and they know how much Buzz is loved by everyone so Beverley loved the idea of Buzz being able to sign all of his Christmas cards.  The cards have been a real hit with families and other colleagues at the Funeral Home have since ordered paw print stamps for their pets too.

If you would like a personalised paw print stamp for your pet you can find further information here.  When you order you will be sent an easy to use inkless paw print kit to capture your pet’s unique paw prints.  Once you have prints, simply email a photo or scan of them to us at or when the new website is live you will be able to upload them to the website 🙂

Personalised stamp with your pet's unique paw print
Personalised stamp with your pet’s unique paw print