The Story of Digger…

Meet Digger

Digger the Patterdale Terrier

Digger is a gorgeous Patterdale Terrier who is so full of life and has a heartwarming story that I think a lot of you will relate to in one way or another.  From chatting to Lisa, Digger’s devoted owner, it is clear to see the limitless love she has for her dog and there are very emotional reasons for the that love.  Lisa has very kindly shared with me the reason why Digger is so special (in her own words below).

A special place in Lisa’s heart

“Digger came to us as a rescue dog from Worcestershire Animal Rescue. He was chosen by my Mum as her dog had sadly died – in fact we think Digger chose her! Digger had been taken to the rescue centre because his owners were struggling with his Terrier ways – particularly his liking for running away.

Digger was with Mum for 18 months but she then passed away and he came to live with us. He’s my inheritance. Digger is now 12 years old but showing no signs of slowing down and is enjoying his life in Exmoor National Park.

Digger means a lot to me, not just because he is a lovely, loving, cheeky dog but because of the connection to my Mum. I will be heartbroken when we lose him so having a charm of his paw print that I can wear everyday will help me to feel close to him, even when he isn’t with us anymore.”

A powerful reason why

I love the way Lisa has written about Digger.  They have such an unbreakable bond and the love just flows between them.  I think it is so beautiful that Lisa’s Mum lives on in Digger and even at 12 years old he is showing no signs of slowing down.  Good for you Digger, life is for living and having fun so you keep enjoying yourself! 🙂

Small raised paw print charm
Lisa’s small heart shaped charm showcasing Digger’s beautiful paw print as a raised impression.

Digger’s story is one of my favourites as it perfectly demonstrates why I set up Cheeky Little Prints and why I continue to capture your special memories in stunning silver jewellery.  To be able to create such emotional jewellery that means so much to my clients is an honour I will always cherish.  Some pieces in particular have been known to cause a tear (or few) to fall from my eyes as I create them.

I carefully handcraft every piece of jewellery myself and each one is incredibly special in it’s own right.

Lisa heard about Cheeky Little Prints through a friend who rescues and fosters Greyhounds and she chose me to create her extra special charm because she knew my charms were genuine silver and an authentic and real copy of your dog’s paw prints.  Lisa says “I’m delighted with my charm – it’s a lovely piece of jewellery as well as a keepsake”.

What would it mean to you?

Now Lisa has her silver paw print charm, she can continue to create extra special memories with Digger as she wear’s her charm and they share more adventures together.  I create a lot of silver paw print jewellery for owners who have just sadly lost their beloved pet and it is so sad knowing they could have captured this beautiful memory earlier and shared more adventures while wearing their jewellery.

What would it mean to you to have your precious pet’s paw print captured forever in stunning sterling silver?  A unique piece of jewellery designed specifically for you, personalised exactly as you wish, just for you to wear and keep a part of your best friend with you wherever you go.

So don’t wait until your pet is elderly or poorly, capture their unique paw print today and carry it with you wherever you go.

If you would like to capture your pet’s paw print in jewellery now, you can place your order or give me a call on 0779 2835 639 and we can discuss what you would like created.