Ordering your personalised jewellery

If the information below doesn’t answer your questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

General information on silver personalised jewellery

Each item is carefully handcrafted. The finished jewellery is sent by Special Delivery within 14 days of receiving your prints, drawings or wording.  However, if you have a specific date in mind, please let me know at the time of ordering and I will do our best to meet any reasonable deadline.

Your finished bespoke jewellery is ‘fine silver’. This means it is 99.9% pure silver — a higher purity than sterling silver (92.5%). All jewellery findings and fittings are sterling silver unless otherwise stated. See the individual product descriptions for details.

Regardless of the piece(s) you order, they are individually made and unique. These personal jewellery pieces therefore have a handcrafted appearance, ans as they are not machine-finished, they may include small imperfections.

For tips on keeping your silver jewellery sparkling, please see the looking after your personalised jewellery section.

Fingerprint jewellery

If you live locally (we are based in Swindon, Wiltshire), please call or email me to arrange an appointment and I will take the fingerprint impression straight onto the silver clay. You can also see me in Camp Hopson Department Store in Newbury.  Check my events page to find out when I am next in Newbury. For anyone a little further away, I will send you a Fingerprint Impression Kit complete with full instructions within 48 hours of you placing an order. Your first Fingerprint Impression Kit is included in the cost of your order. Should the prints you send me not be suitable, I will ask you to purchase an additional Impression Kit (£4). Once you have taken the impressions, return them to me in the self addressed envelope provided and I will get to work on creating your special fingerprint jewellery.

Baby fingerprints make popular personalised jewellery for mums. However, Cheeky Little Prints advises to wait until your baby is at least 6 months for fingerprint jewellery. Although we are all born with fingerprints, they can be quite faint in very young babies. Most little ones tend to get a more defined fingerprint from around 1 year of age, however, this can vary. It’s your decision whether to capture the moment when your child is very small, or wait until prints will be more defined and visible. But my advice – don’t wait for too long, or you may find that the period in their childhood to wanted to preserve has long gone.

Hand and footprint jewellery

You can order the full range of hand & footprint jewellery from our website and I will send you an easy-to-use inkless hand & footprint kit to take your loved one’s prints at home.  The kit is very easy to use and as it is inkless there is no mess! Simply return your prints to me and I will take care of the rest.  Your first Inkless Wipe Kit is included in the cost of your order. Should the prints you send me not be suitable, I will ask you to purchase an additional kit (£4). Once I have the hand or footprint, the magic can begin and your special jewellery will be created! Alternatively, you can book an appointment with me in Swindon to have your prints taken or catch me in Camp Hopson in Newbury at one of our Print taking events.

Paw print jewellery

A good, clear paw print will be needed to create your pet paw print jewellery. You may already have a print you took at home and this should be fine. Alternatively, a fresh paw print can be taken using a special inkless wipe kit and paper.

Each kit comes with full illustrated instructions. If your pet gets a little over-excited and you want to take prints when they are calmer, you can replace the inkless wipe in the packet and secure with sticky tape .

As with other items, our first kit is included in the cost of your order. Should the prints you send me not be suitable, I will ask you to purchase an additional inkless pet print kit (£4).

If you would like to send pet paw print jewellery to friends or family abroad, that’s no problem! I am able to ship finished jewellery internationally. And if it’s your pet that is far away, I can send my inkless wipe kits overseas too.

Horseshoe jewellery

To create your horseshoe jewellery, you just need to send me your chosen horseshoe. It will be returned to you with your finished jewellery.

If  you want horseshoe jewellery sent outside of the UK, that’s no problem. If your horse is also outside of the UK, again, no problem. Wherever your horse is located, simply send me the horseshoe. I can then produce the piece and ship it (and the horseshoe) internationally.

Charm jewellery

Personalised fingerprint and pawprint charms are very popular. My advice is that smaller charms are generally best suited to bracelets or dainty necklaces.  Regular charms are most popular on a chain, however, some can be worn on bracelets –  it is down to your personal choice.  Large charms are best suited to be displayed on a silver chain or leather cord.