When your child does something wrong but you can’t really tell them off!

Family photo
My very grown up boys and me!

When your child does something wrong…

I am sure all parents will relate to having to tell their child off when they have done something naughty!  You have to make that split second decision about how serious the misdemeanor is, how cross your response should be and how it’s best to deal with it.  How can you make your child realise it was wrong and not repeat it?  It’s tough being a parent!

Having said this, have you ever had a situation where your child did something wrong but you couldn’t really tell them off because of the reason why they did it?!

Saying goodbye…

Recently I had a trip to London planned to visit The Business Show at Excel.  I told my boys I will be in London tomorrow for The Business Show, I’d be leaving very early and returning late.  To ensure minimal disruption to my children I had arranged for them to stay with my parents the night before.  My youngest, Jake cuddled me saying he would miss me.  I reassured him I would be back the next night to give them both a huge cuddle.

How on Earth did that get there?

Later during the evening before my trip my Dad came over and handed me one of my rings.  I couldn’t understand why my Dad had one of my rings, I said ‘where on Earth did that come from, why do you have my ring?’.  Jake had taken it from my jewellery box that morning and taken it to School as he wanted something of mine to keep with him while we were apart!  Bless his little heart.  My Dad didn’t have the heart to tell him off for taking something from my jewellery box.  He also told my Dad he wants to take some of the jewellery I create into School to show his teacher #brandambassadorinthemaking.

Keeping a part of your loved one with you wherever you go…

This really got me thinking.  I have my children’s handprints on my necklace and my cat’s paw print on my bangle.  I wear my hand and paw print jewellery every day, always.  I carry a part of my children and my cat Tiger with me wherever I go.  However, my children don’t have my handprint to keep with them wherever they go.  We always think about capturing our children’s and pet’s unique prints but we don’t think about whether our children would like something special with Mummy and Daddy’s prints on.  Our children miss us just as much as we miss them when we are apart.

Regular handprint keyring
One of two sterling silver keyrings with my handprint on for my beautiful boys 🙂

I felt very strongly about this and wanted my children to have something special of mine that they could keep with them wherever they go.  So I had a chat with Ollie and Jake and together we designed a special diamond shaped keyring with my handprint on the front and ‘I love you x’ hand inscribed on the back.  The keyrings are attached to the inside of their School bags so they now have a part of Mummy with them wherever they go 🙂

Maybe next time you say goodbye to your little ones (and big ones!), ask yourself if you each have something special of each other.  Do you keep a part of each other with you wherever you go?  If not, get in touch with me and lets make it happen.  Feel free to call me on 07792835639 or email me on lisa@cheekylittleprints.co.uk.  There are so many options and everything I create is bespoke and especially for you, just the way you wish.



Inscription on the back of the keyring