It’s all about trust and value

Precious baby feet

Trust is so important when you are a new parent…

Our lives are full of relationships, you have hundreds or even thousands of relationships of all different kinds.  You have a relationship with your parents, your siblings, your children, other family members, friends, old friends, ex partners perhaps, and these are just the personal relationships.  You also have relationships with the businesses and companies your purchase from every day, whether that be products or services.  Relationships are built and broken all the time and trust is at the heart of those relationships.  Trust takes time to built and can be broken In seconds and in some cases never regained.


There are times in our lives when we need to build really strong relationships, where we trust that other person a huge amount.  Becoming a parent is one of those times and I would like to share a story with you about this.  You put trust in a business every time you purchase something for your new baby e.g. you want to know that the nappies you use are safe and kind to their delicate skin.  This can be related to just about anything and I think we can all recall a time when we didn’t have the right feeling about something so we decided not to buy.   Maybe the timing was wrong, the price was not right or the product or service was not a good fit for you.

Making that decision…

I recently had a chat with Gillian who has been a client of mine since February 2012 and I was really interested to understand why she decided to have her new Daughter’s handprint captured in a silver charm.  Gillian had no idea I would be in Camp Hopson Department Store that day, she just happened to be in store and saw my display so came to have a look.  Gillian’s baby girl must have only been a few months old from memory.  Gillian said


I first met Lisa in February 2012, she was print taking in Newbury. Her products caught my eye as I had recently had my daughter and loved the idea of the handprint necklace for my 1st Mother’s Day. She has such a professional manner and made us feel at ease and explained how she made the charm from the handprint taken on that day.  Lisa has such a kind and caring nature that makes you feel at ease when getting your prints done, or covering your child’s hand/foot in paint!!


Taking footprints for silver jewellery
Taking footprints for another piece of special jewellery at a Print Party recently.


So Gillian had seen my jewellery and fell in love with the idea of having her baby’s unique handprint captured in silver, but even though she really liked the product it was important that Gillian liked me as well and felt she could trust me to be gentle with her baby and get a good handprint.  The silver jewellery I create is incredibly special and means a huge amount to the clients who order it.  I have this in my mind the whole time.  You are buying very special jewellery that has huge value and meaning and that is something I take very seriously.  I pride myself on excellent customer service and am honoured you are placing your trust in me to create such special gifts and keepsakes for you and your family.  I am both a parent and pet owner myself so I really understand what it is like, which I think makes all the difference.   Gillian then went on to say…


I loved so many of the products that I decided to host a print party with my antenatal group friends.  Lisa was amazing, she had 8 new mums and babies getting lots of items created.  All the items my friends bought were fantastic so I hosted a second party with another group of new mums!  Since then I have purchased hand and foot print mugs for several family members and she even made a charm necklace for a friend in Scotland.

Supporting local businesses…

The UK economy includes a huge number of fantastic independent small to medium sized businesses providing a great range of products and services.  It is so important to support your local businesses as they work very hard and often provide the best customer service.  Gillian is a great believer in supporting local businesses…



It’s so important to support local businesses like Cheeky Little Prints and Lisa has a pure talent and dedication to her business. We have a handprint clock in my daughters playroom and she loves the hand and foot print ceramic that hangs in her room from when she was 6 months old.  I love every Christmas when I get to display my Mistletoes plate and Christmas Bauble.

Regular silver heart handprint charm with name hand inscribed on the back.
Regular silver heart handprint charm with name hand inscribed.

I cannot recommend Lisa enough to create beautiful keepsakes.

So when you are doing your Christmas shopping please remember local businesses like Cheeky Little Prints, as when you buy local you are helping a Mum pay for her children’s football training or perhaps helping a Dad organise a special weekend away for his family.  Your business and loyalty makes a big difference to small local businesses and I am very honoured to have a large number of my clients reorder and keep coming back time after time for more keepsakes as they were so pleased with the jewellery they bought originally.   You can check out some of my testimonials here and find out why so many people choose Cheeky Little Prints.

Catch me at Camp Hopson Saturday 14th October!

If you are in the Berkshire area and wanting to capture your loved one’s special prints you can pop along and see me Saturday 14th October in Camp Hopson Department Store in Newbury, where I will be taking prints from 10am – 4pm.  It is already looking to be a busy event, there is no need to book an appointment just turn up and create those extra special memories with me.  Can’t wait to see you all 🙂