Special offer to make Mum’s day magical

Mums are the glue that hold everything together…

I think you’ll agree Mums are AMAZING!!  They are so many things to so many people.  Mums are the glue that hold everything together, keeping the family home running smoothly, providing love, meals, clean clothes, taxi’s, help with homework and all with a cuddle and a smile on her face 🙂   Well, most of the time anyway!  Let’s face it being a Mum is hard work and it’s really tough sometimes, but it’s worth it!  Where would you be without your Mum?  Take a second to think about that…

Me time?  What’s that?

As well as caring for our families, us Mums are very good at putting everyone else before ourselves.  We make ourselves our last priority because we are so busy looking after our babies and toddlers, preparing our little people for School and helping them with homework.  It’s easy to forget we are a person too and we need to recharge our batteries and treat ourselves.  I am pretty sure many of you are nodding your heads now!  It is very important you make time for you whenever you can, even if it is just a relaxing bubble bath or a bit of extra sleep or maybe going and getting your nails painted 🙂  If you are happy and feeling good you will be in much better shape physically and mentally to care for your family, because motherhood is tough mentally and physically.

A reward for all of your hard work!

Silver handprint charm

Mums are very special and definitely deserve a treat on Mother’s Day.  I know of so many Mums who would absolutely love to have their little one’s unique fingerprint, hand or footprint captured in stunning sterling silver jewellery but they just don’t get around to it.  Life is so hectic these days especially if you are raising a family too, so I totally understand.  Trying to make the time really is worth it though.  To be able to keep a part of your little one with you wherever you go is one of, if not THE most special gift you can give someone!  Silver keepsake jewellery means so much to the recipient and is treasured forever.  So many memories and feelings captured in that special piece of silver jewellery.

A really special and unique gift…

In 2017 Phil was looking for an extra special gift for his wife for Mother’s Day.  I happened to be giving a talk at a local networking event and Phil was in the audience and came to see me after to have a chat about how I could help him create a gift his wife would treasure forever.  Phil ordered a large hand print necklace for his wife and this is what he said when I caught up with him recently…

Large handprint charm in the making
Phil’s large handprint charm in the making

This was a  mothers day gift. My wife and I have 2 kids, 11 and 7 at the time. We wanted to get something a little bit different and personal about the children. We had great fun taking the handprints. This made it a really special and unique gift.

My wife wears it all the time and it is a great reminder of how great her kids are.

I met Lisa through networking. She has a fantastic personality and was so passionate about her products. They really are a great gift and it was a no brainer to use her services.

A special offer to keep Mum and her little people happy 🙂

I would love for as many of you Mums as possible to have a very special keepsake and be able to carry your little one’s unique fingerprint, hand or footprint with you wherever go.  As a Mum myself I also know how important it is to keep your little one’s happy as well so you can have a happy day!  With this in mind I am launching a special offer for you to keep both Mums and little people happy at the same time 🙂

FREE personalised hand/footprint stamp when you order any piece of sterling silver hand/footprint jewellery.  You will receive a free single hand/footprint stamp (worth £12.50) with any piece of jewellery that has one print e.g. a small or regular charm.  You will receive a free double hand/footprint stamp (worth £15) with any piece of jewellery that has 2 prints e.g. large charm etc.

This way you can make Mum’s special day absolutely magical by giving her the gift she has always wanted, the gift she has wanted since her little one’s were born and you get to keep the little one’s happy as they can get stamping with the new personalised hand/footprint stamp and create Mum a beautiful handmade card.  You can’t beat a handmade card from your little one.

Personalised double handprint stamp

Personalised footprint stamp

Large silver heart charm with hand and footprint
Large silver heart charm with hand and footprint
Small cut out hand and footprint charms

Don’t get caught out!

You may not know that Mother’s Day is early this year, Sunday 11th March so you need to get your skates on!  The order deadline for Mother’s Day gifts is 1st March, which is fast approaching.  To order you can either book a print appointment with me in Swindon or you can order your gifts online.  You don’t need to worry about adding a personalised stamp to your basket online as I will create it for you automatically and pop it in with your fabulous jewellery order ready to surprise both Mum and little one(s) on Mother’s Day.  If you have any questions, please get in touch.

  • Special offer ends midnight 1st March!