The story of beautiful Roxy…

A treasured family pet…

Back in July 2015 I had a call from a very upset pet owner.  Ali had just had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her Tibetan Terrier Roxy go to sleep under anaesthetic.  Ali and her family had shared the last 10 years of their lives making precious memories with Roxy when life took a very unexpected turn for the worse.

I want to share with you the email that Ali sent me shortly after receiving the special silver paw print jewellery I created for her and her husband.

 A letter from Ali…

Beautiful Roxy

“Hi Lisa

We just wanted to let you and everyone else know how much we adore and cherish our pieces of jewellery that has our Roxy’s precious paw print on.

Roxy was a much loved and spoiled 10 year old Tibetan Terrier who ruled the roost! She was unique in every way and very choosy as to who she let into her heart. Sometimes when you looked at her she was watching you (with her beady eye!!) as if she could read your mind. Roxy was involved in every part of our lives and never failed to give back her unconditional love that we had been accustomed to over the years.

It was just a month ago now when we had a couple of very hot days, we had the paddling pool out for Roxy and her canine sister Amber to cool off in and Roxy enjoyed this very much. Roxy’s breathing seemed a bit laboured and at first we put it down to the heat. In the cool of the  following morning her breathing rate was still quite fast. We took Roxy to our own vet and then we were referred to Eastcott Veterinary Hospital the same day for further tests. Roxy was rushed into surgery and tragically was found to have a very aggressive mass around her heart, left lung and was  now invading her diaphragm.  Surgery was not an option and she would have to endure a poor quality of life with the inevitable going to happen in days or weeks. It was a heartbreaking decision to let her go under anaesthetic as we did not want her to suffer in any way.

The reason for sharing our story at this time is whilst I was in Eastcott vets I picked up a leaflet for Lisa’s Cheeky Little Prints. Not having the chance to say goodbye properly to our gorgeous girl and everything happening so fast we were able to get the team at Eastcott to take Roxy’s paw prints for us.

I spoke to Lisa direct and ordered our pieces she was empathic and seemed to understand our sadness. Lisa’s work is unique and of an amazing quality and we highly recommend her talent of what she does so well.

We have had a difficult few weeks coming to terms with our sudden loss of Roxy but we feel she is with us and we treasure our paw prints in silver and this is down to Lisa.

Thanks again”

As personalised and unique as your pet…

Paw print keyring
Regular silver heart paw print keyring.

I create a lot of silver paw print jewellery for clients who have elderly pets that are poorly or who have just been put to sleep.  Each piece of jewellery is truly unique and designed exactly as clients want it. The charm I created for Ali was personalised with ‘Roxy x’ on the front and ‘Bootiful girlie’ on the back as that is what Ali always called Roxy, her bootiful girlie.  The paw print keyring pictured above created for Ali’s husband was personalised with ‘Roxy x’ on the front and ‘Daddy’s girl’ on the back as Roxy was his little girl.

Pet’s really are family members and they have a huge impact on our lives, this is just one story of many I could share with you demonstrating how much it meant to Ali and her family to be able to keep a part of Roxy with them wherever they went.  Ali and her family will treasure their paw print jewellery forever.

I am deeply honored to be able to create jewellery that means so much to people, it is difficult to put it into words just how much comfort keepsake jewellery can bring to people when they loose their special pet and more importantly, their best friend.

I would have loved Ali and her family to have had many more years with Roxy, but sadly this was not to be. However, I know Roxy is looking over them from the clouds as her silver charm and keyring shimmer in the sunlight.

Perhaps we would all do things differently if we had the chance again…

It was lovely to meet Ali and hear all about Roxy, but I truly wish I could have met Roxy and captured her paw print in silver under happier circumstances, while she was still bouncy and full of life.  That way Ali and her family could have worn their paw print jewellery while creating those special memories with Roxy.  And when the time came for Roxy to cross the rainbow bridge, they could treasure their jewellery even more, that same jewellery they had worn while running through the fields with Roxy.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing and perhaps we would all do things differently if we had the chance.

None of us know what is around the corner, Ali had no idea Roxy was poorly, everything happened so fast and before she knew it, she had to say goodbye to her precious dog.  I create so many pieces of paw print jewellery for owners when they loose their pet and I would love to create more of these earlier.  So don’t wait until your pet is elderly or poorly, capture their unique paw print today and carry it with you wherever you go.  Create extra special memories with your pets as you wear your paw print jewellery and share more adventures together.

If you would like to capture your pet’s paw print now under happy circumstances, you can place your order here or give me a call on 07792835639 and we can discuss what you would like created.